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Key Teachers from College of Economic and Management of Changsha University went to Victoria University in Australia to Research and Study

Author:CCSU time:September 7, 2017 clicks: source:College of Economic and Management

In order to implement the educational developing strategy with talents and to improve the teaching and learning ability of teachers, on July 23, 2017, Li Yinghui, Dean of the College of Economic and Management, led six key teachers in financial management major to Victoria University in Australia for a three-week research and study program .

During the program, the main content focused on teaching quality and management, student services, academic exchanges, cooperation and so on. The team emphatically observed classroom teaching of the two core courses in financial management and accounting, and also had in-depth discussions with professors in Victoria University on teaching concepts, teaching contents, teaching methods, classroom behaviors and teaching quality management. After listening to the lectures on scientific research management and information technology and classroom management strategies, the team also introduced the basic situation of the College of Economics and Management of Changsha University to the students and teachers of Victoria University, and communicated with them about the research achievements and research methods on issues as corporate tax planning, corporate finance system, corporate governance, independent director system and enterprise tax burden and other research projects. The two sides reached a consensus on "one to one" common research and cooperation.

Then, Li Yinghui and his delegation met Rhys Williams, Director of international projects at Victoria University, and George Yue, Director of overseas projects, and had an in-depth and detailed conversation. Rhys Williams said Changsha University is a promising university and hoped the team's visit can further deepen the cooperation between two universities in the future. Dean Li Yinghui said, as the "13th Five-year" application - oriented planned university of national development project on integration of enterprises with vocational and universities, Changsha University placed great emphasis on the cultivation of international education cooperation and applied teaching and scientific research characteristics. The financial management in the College of Economics and Management was the advantage profession of Changsha University. Through the cooperation with Victoria University, Changsha University can provide more options and possibilities to cultivate applied business talents with an international perspective and will also provide a convenient bridge for academic exchanges between teachers. Then, two universities discussed the possibility of cooperation, the means of cooperation, the concrete measures and timetable of cooperation from the policy level, academic level and technical level.

During the training, the team were invited to attend the graduation ceremony of Victoria University Business School, and Dean Li Yinghui seated at the rostrum as a mentor. The members of the team said, through this training, they had made significant progress in the fields as teaching of frontier of professional knowledge, classroom teaching theory and practice, international expansion, improvement of English language ability. Victoria University is one of the comprehensive universities in Australia with the largest scale and comprehensive disciplines. The university has more than 45,000 students, above 8,500 are international students. The teaching quality is on the top among universities in Australia. The university opens more than 700 higher education courses and TAFE courses and is listed the "Best Courses for Students" in the rankings of "Top 10 Universities in Australia". Victoria University consists of three colleges: College of Literature, Education and Human Development, College of Business and Law,  College of Health, Engineering and Science, and it has six research centers and four research institutes.