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A Delegation from Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand, Visited Changsha University

Author:Li Qi time:May 11, 2017 clicks: source:International Cooperation Exchange office

On May, 10, a delegation led by Doctor Anchalee from the College of English in Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand, visited Changsha University. Dean of College of Foreign Language, Lei Zhimin, Deputy of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Qing Feng met the guests.

Lei Zhimin first delivered a warm welcome to Doctor Anchalee, and briefly introduced Changsha University. Doctor Anchalee expressed her gratitude to Changsha University for the warm reception, and gave an introduction of Suranaree University of Technology. After that, they conducted a discussion on the cooperation and exchange between two universities.

During the discussion, they initially reached an agreement and hoped to start the cooperation with the exchange of short-term teachers and students. Suranaree University of Technology agreed our faculty and students to go to Thailand for short-term exchange and study with free tuition and accommodation fees. Changsha University also welcomed and will offer the same treatment for teachers and students who come to the university for short-term teaching and exchange.

Suranaree University of Technology is a foreign university along the the routes of the “Belt and Road”. It is possible for Suranaree University of Technology and Changsha University to sign the cooperation agreement officially in the future and provide more opportunities for students and teachers in both China and Thailand, in response to the “Belt and Road” strategy of the country.